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Kimono Meet-up in Berlin  
Sakura Hime

It's a meet up for Kimono lovers in Berlin.

The aim is to provide opportunities to wear Kimono for people who own Kimono but don't have a chance to wear it.

The event will be organized and share a Japanese meal in a real Japanese restaurant, have a tea, visit a museum or enjoy any other activities in common.

Let's enjoy Kimono more with the other Kimono lovers!


Concept of Sakura Hime (桜姫)

Sakura- cherry blossoms, Hime – princess

The concept of Sakura Hime is to enjoy Kimono life whatever you want. Even you can’t still wear Kimono by yourself or even you don’t have Kimono yet, it is not important. You love Kimono or Japanese culture. It is more than enough! Let’s enjoy with Kimono life as much as you want!

And there is the tale of Sakura Hime. She was born in a rich family but she didn’t want to have a life as traditional rich family. She left her family, fell in love with the guy who was from a poor family, became Geisha to find this guy. She was not a typical princess at all. This concept suits the concept of the events, so that I have decided to take this name for this project.

Past Kimono Meetup Events

- Sakura viewing

- Picknic

- Year-End party

- New year's party with tea ceremony

- Visit Samurai Museum

                                     and so on...

We have done Kimono fashion show at Japanmarkt Berlin in May 2023. It was our big pleasure to show many different styles of Kimono and its beauty!



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