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Traditional Japanese Dancer​

Kimono Expert

Kimono Meet-up Sakura Hime organizer



I am a Japanese dance artist. I have been trained in Nihon Buyo since the age of 6. With 14 years of experience in this dance form, I have become a master in portraying the essence of Japanese culture through graceful movements and expressive gestures. Its beauty lies in its ability to express complex emotions and themes through precise movements and gestures, while also showcasing the intricate interplay between movement and music.

I have performed at various prestigious venues such as Japan Event for Luxus (2019) and Japan Festival Berlin in Urania and has received accolades for my performances. I have also had the opportunity to introduce Japanese culture through Nihon Buyo to students of all ages, including at Picasso-Grundschule and Elementary school Randow Berlin.

With a deep understanding and appreciation for Japanese culture, along with my expertise in Kimono, I strive to share my passion for Nihon Buyo with audiences all over the world. I am excited to bring my talent and expertise to your event and create a memorable and authentic experience for all attendees.


Traditional Japanese Dance Performance
at Japan Festival 2019
Sakura Sakura

My Story


I learned and mastered NihonBuyo in Japan for 14 years solely from my instructor . In the tradition of this art, professional dancer would perform the Instructor’s choreography; however I as an avant-gardiste, I create my own choreographies thanks to my unique aesthetic sense and a desire to convey specific messages. I infuse my choreography with personal expression, my individuality and artistic vision, creating captivating and meaningful dance pieces.

Yosakoi Bushi


Performance Highlights

Road Show campaign 

2022 - present

CondeHause Europe GmbH 

- Furnitures which are made in Hokkaido, Japan

- Perform for an exhibition and do Japanese calligraphy

- To give an emotions to the customers

Japanmarkt Berlin

2018 - present

Japanmarkt Berlin, Berlin, Germany

-  The only existing Japan Festival in Berlin

-  Perform Nihon Buyo

-  Provide Kimono/Yukata fashion shows and Kimono Workshops

Kimono Dressing Presentation


Slovenské národné museum, Bratislava, Slovakia

- Event organised by Japanese embassy in Slovakia

Culture Meets Garten


Garten der Welt, Berlin, Germany

- Performed for Culture Meet Garten

Book Fest


Romexpo, Bucharest, Romania

-  Performed Nihon Buyo at the booth by Japanese Embassy showcasing Japanese culture

- Provided Kimono dressing (Kitsuke) presentation

-  Conducted workshops on a Kimono and Bon Odori (Japanese folk dance)

Karnival der Kulturen

2017 ~ 2020

By Kashiwa-ren

- Creator of a new Bon Odori "Berlin Ondo"

- Bon Odori (traditional Japanese folk dance) demonstration with Kashiwa-ren

*Berlin Omikoshi on YouTube

Japan Event for Lexus


Lexus Forum, Berlin, Germany

- Performed for customer's party

Nami Airando 2019


Wyspa na Weekend, Slodowa Island, Poland

- Performed for Nami Airando in Poland

- Conducted Bon Odori lecture and danced with audiences

Copenhagen Sakura Festival


Langelinie Park, Kopenhagen, Danmark

- Event organised by Japanese embassy in Denmark

Japanische Kirschbrüte Festival


Schönhauser Allee Arcaden, Berlin, Germany

- Performed for Japanisches Kirscheblütenfest

Dance Teaching Highlights

Video Appearance

Japan Festival Berlin

2017 ~ 2019

Urania Berlin, Berlin, Germany

- The largest Japan Festival before pandemic


Traditional Japanese dance lesson for Opera Madama Butterfly


Artistic research of Japanese dance for the project “Offensive Dance for Berlin for young audiences”


Musiktheater im Revier, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

- To provide choreography to main singers and chorus groups

- To teach traditional Japanese dance 


- To teach traditional Japanese dance

- To host the dancers for Japanese tea ceremony

- To describe Japanese culture/society

- To introduce Kimono culture 

Zen - Kimono short movie

YouTube Channel:
Datteläter 2023
(Produced by ARD and ZDF)
SAG MIR,woher mein traditioneller tanz stammt

Charity Children
"She still wants you"
Giesha (Music video)

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