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Traditional Japanese Dance Workshop

What do you learn in a workshop

Japanese traditional culture is known for its calmness and its zen. As it could not be otherwise, movements in Japanese traditional dance (“Nihon Buyo”) are slow and delicate. Unusual parts of the whole body are involved in the creation of this ancient and beautiful form of art.

In a group 10 students maximum you will learn to deliver with your emotion and your feeling choreographies that tell stories. During those workshops, you will wear kimonos that will help you to understand the art and the code of Nihon Buyon and as your teacher you will understand the symbolism behind the different garnements that compose the kimono. 

Upcoming Traditinal Japanese Dance Workshops!

Save the date! On 17.11. or 18.11.


Traditional Japanese dance workshop is organised in a studio. I also offer it to your private occasions such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, company events, and so on.


Dance Workshop

119EUR/person for 2hours

Kimono rent is included.

99EUR: when you bring your own kimono/yukata



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