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Traditional Japanese Dance Performance

Japanese traditional dance, or Nihon Buyo, possesses a captivating beauty that can envelop and hold one's gaze. It is precisely this overwhelming allure that gives rise to the notion of "dancing with the heart." Additionally, Japanese traditional dance is not merely a physical act of dancing; it is a form of performing art. Adorned in traditional costumes, I strive to express each movement with utmost grace and beauty.


I offer traditional Japanese dance performances called Nihon Buyo. I will highlight as well your cultural and commercial events, as well as your private parties. 


You will emerge in the poetry of Nihon Buyo thanks to outstanding Kimonos, traditional Japanese instruments players and singers and a unique dance method that will give you and your audience a special moment through traditional Japan. 

My Style

In Japan, it is customary for students of Japanese dance to learn choreography solely from their instructors. However, as a freelance Japanese dancer, I take on the responsibility of creating my own choreography. I passionately explore new artistic territories, pushing the boundaries of traditional Japanese dance and bringing my own innovative style to the forefront. With my unique aesthetic sense and a desire to convey specific messages, I infuse my choreography with personal expression, my individuality and artistic vision, creating captivating and meaningful dance pieces.


Traditional Japanese Dance Performance Highlight 



Chihoco Yanagi, proves outstanding performance as an artist for Japanese dance and Kimono culture. We have been working together since 2020 and started in 2021 with the planning phase for the CondeHouse Europe road shows in Germany.

As a Japanese daughter company, we want to transfer during our road show, Japanese culture, emotions as well as Japanese wooden handicraft, to our clients in Germany.

Her open personality combined with her deep knowledge about the Japanese traditional culture, makes the feelings of my event guest, always so deeply touched. Chihoco’s empathy always supports success in communication and building relations with my guests, regardless in which region we have been performing.

Whenever I watch Chihoco’s performance and appearance, I always enter a world of professional artists.  

Thomas Hinrichsen,

CEO, TH International GmbH 

Head of Sales & Marketing, CondeHouse Europe GmbH


Outstanding Performance for CondeHouse Europe GmbH

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