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Kimono Dressing Workshop

Deep dive into Japanese culture

Kimono is an essential element of traditional Japanese culture. It is not only known for the beauty of its patterns, but also for the exquisite dyeing and weaving techniques that Japan proudly possesses as part of its traditional craftsmanship. Furthermore, with different accessories you can change an atmosphere of Kimono and enjoy it infinitely as a fashion statement. 


Immerse yourself in the world of Kimono through this captivating workshop, where you'll unravel the secrets of this traditional and stylish Japanese garment. Explore the philosophy of Japanese beauty as you compare it to Western culture. Step by step, you'll master the art of dressing in Kimono with precise movements and insider tricks. By the end of this workshop, you'll confidently and skilfully put on the Kimono yourself, embodying its timeless elegance.




I organize my unique Kimono workshops. My aim is that participants will understand deeper what the Japanese culture is as I believe that Kimono itself and a way of dressing Kimono contain philosophy and sprit of Japanese people and it is a precious wealth. 


Kimono Workshop

119EUR/person for 2hours

Kimono rent is included.

99EUR: when you bring your own Yukata(Includes Obi and 2strings)

Maximal 10participants.

Only Kimono presentation:

500EUR for 1hour 

Steps of putting Kimono on



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