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Mobile Geisha House


1. Japanese traditional performers will come to your place
Mobile Geisha House is a service where we visit your home and offer performances of Japanese traditional dance, song, and shamisen (Japanese traditional guitar) music. In Japan, it's usual for customers to visit places like ryotei(restaurant) for such entertainment, but we, Mobile Geisha House, we come to your place to entertain you.

2. Unforgettable experience
We would be honored to contribute to making your special time and space an unforgettable and magnificent experience.

3. Spread Japanese traditional culture
One of our crucial missions is, needless to say, to convey Japanese traditional culture. Geisha, originally skilled entertainers in various arts, embody this essence. Moreover, we believe that our presence here in Germany serves the purpose of offering the beautiful worldview of Japan to those in Europe. Despite the increasing trend of Japan's popularity, particularly in this field, the penetration into Europe remains limited. The elegance of Japanese traditional culture lies in its delicacy, the serene atmosphere, and the ultimate beauty that captivates and leaves one breathless.



Chihoco Yanagi

Traditional Japanese Dance 日本舞踊

Japanese Calligraphy 書道

Tea Ceremony 茶道

Kimono Dressing 着付け

Megumi Hayami

Shamisen 三味線

Singing 唄

Origami 折り紙


Our first collaboration video



We offer some options about Japanese cultural experience.

Option1: Japanese Calligraphy 

We will write you whatever you wish. You can make it for yourself or someone else as a special gift.

Option2: Japanese Tea Ceremony

You will participate in whole tea ceremony to experience even more Zen culture. 

Option3: Japanese Meal

We offer you a Japanese meal by a Japanese chef. You will enjoy authentic Japanese taste. *only in Berlin

Option4: Origami

You will participate in whole tea ceremony to experience even more Zen culture. 

Option5: Kimono dressing experience

We will put a Kimono on you and you can enjoy it while our performance . 

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