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Traditional Japanese Performing Artist

Traditional Japanese Dance

Classical performing art, called Nihon Buyo

Nihon Buyo is a Japanese traditional dance that possesses a captivating beauty that can engulf and hold one's gaze. 

As a professional dancer I offer performances for your public events and parties. 


©️Henryk Weiffenbach


©️Tommaso Revelant

Private Dance Lessons

A dance that can be taught in Berlin

Japan and its culture are really popular world wide but it is hard to find a place in Europe where you can learn from a Japanese person the subtleties of the traditional Japanese dance (Shin Buyo style), that’s why I’m offering private dance lessons in Berlin.

Dance Workshops

Share the passion of the traditional Japanese dance

Along with other enthusiasts, you will enjoy the crafts of the delicate dance of the traditional Japanese dance. 

In a group of 10 students maximum, you will learn the subtlety of the traditional Japanese dance, have the opportunity to exchange with other students and learn a group choreography.


©️Henryk Weiffenbach


Kimono Workshops

Learn the ancestral craft of Kimono

As a traditional Japanese culture, Kimono is an essential element. It is not only known for the beauty of its patterns, but also for the exquisite dyeing and weaving techniques that Japan proudly possesses as part of its traditional craftsmanship. 


With me, you will have the delicate opportunity to learn the art of Kimono, the possibility to touch and wear crafted rare fabrics and feel the weight of a millennium age tradition. 

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